Objective: Grade 8 students worked in collaborative groups to create the following Spanish alphabet presentations to share with their kindergarten buddies.

Audience: Remember that your audience is a group of young readers. Keep the organization simple and easy for them to follow. Ensure the words are clear and easy to read.

Next edit the page layout. Keep in mind the 4 principles of good design: Contrast, Alignment, Repetition, Proximity.
  • Use CONTRAST to “pull” the viewer in, create hierarchy, and make it easy to pick out important information
  • Use ALIGNMENT to unify and organize the page(s) and publication(s), and make text easy to read and understand
  • Use REPETITION to unite, join, and fuse the pages and publication(s) together, and provide a consistent “look and feel”
  • Use PROXIMITY to indicate relationships and create visual connections between elements

Links to student ABC presentations on Prezi.com